1711026-clefairy electric tale

Pan is a rather timid Clefairy. More often than not, she will look to others for solutions; quite unsure of herself. The girl has very good manners, although sometimes she can be too accommodating to a fault. Apparently coming from another country, where and why she came to treasure town is unclear. Pan's attitude has been known to take a turn for the worse and become quite aggressive and bitter when her  safety or reputation is on the line.

Very good with children, Pan worked with the children of Treasure Town as their caretaker. She seems to be the only one who manages to get along well with Minun, who can be rather distant and quiet. And while working with the children, she developed an extremely close relationship with 'Quill', a Quilava who later revealed his true identity as Quintus, a high ranking General of the Grand Kecleon's guard. Her heart is is broken when she is forced to leave him, but she slowly recovers with the help of her new following, The Way of the Rain.

Her weapon of choice is a round shield, which was painted and decorated by the children of the Treasure Town kindergarten. In combat, her favorite attack is double slap, which is frequently paired with her shield with rather devastating results. Briefly taught in magic, the Clefairy practices in Divination: allowing her to detect and investigate magicks and illnesses. Her knack for the magics, and her ability to take a serious injury and still hold on are all thanks to her impressive force of will; an attribute often gone unnoticed about the shy girl.