Maki glaring as she usually does.

A dewott from Karas. Experienced in fighting, not conversation.

Maki is a very tall and slightly rotund dewott. She shows great skill with swords and is even know to flourish them about a good bit when not in combat. She can take quite a pounding and rarely complains seeming to sometimes forget she is injured and seems to have rampant insomnia. She has a very intimidating presence and will use it to her advantage to not fight or more often scare her opponents so they can't run from her with a glare. She rarely smiles. She comes off as very cold and seems to not like being complimented. She is known to speak in Karasi'e when thinking deeply.

Maki arrived on a boat from her home Country of Karas on the Beach meeting Nervy and Garam not long after. Though they regularly go on missions together as far as she knows their group does not have a name nor are they with the Guild.

Wind Looks to her and calls her 'mom' much to her chagrin. She takes care of him, however she makes no claim to being motherly in any sense.

She appears to enjoy drinking. Be it in general or at personal issues we have yet to see.


Maki makes an effort to not talk about herself on a regular basis. Whatever her past life in Karas was it is clear she dislikes talking about it. It would also appear to involve a Minccino, she has called Leno, that was imaged to her and the group during their mission to recover an item in the Xyxx Dungeon. Maki and the Leno seem to have a lot of history and whatever it was, seeing him again is one of the few things to make her hesitate. That Minccino must have had a rather large impact on her.